Wellness & PostOp Treatments

Choose from our menu of services to enhance your wellbeing and support optimal postop recovery.

Beauty & Wellness

Yoni Steam

Yoni/Vaginal Steaming is an alternative health treatment that has been practiced for centuries to support women and their reproductive wellbeing. Depending on areas of concern, various herbal blends are steamed to provide therapeutic effects.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non invasive, non surgical procedure used to treat the vaginal walls by tightening the inner and outer muscles, enhancing muscle tone, strength and control.

Big Bumpa Lifter

Big Bumpa Lifter is a non-invasive treatment used to combat cellulite, and produces a toning effect which gives the appearance of a more smoother firmer and more lifted butt and hips.

Detox Foot Bath

Detoxification foot baths/ionic cleansing removes toxins from the body through a process of osmosis.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective way to remove stains and discolorations from your teeth, leaving your teeth brighter and whiter for a confident smile.

Island Facial

Our Island Facial is designed to bring back radiance to your skin, treat fine lines, reduce skin congestion, sensitivity and loss of firmness. You’ll enjoy a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. And total relaxation. It’s an excellent treatment for all
skin types. 

Add on our beauty drip for $149 to glow from inside out.


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, spun, and then injected into the scalp where hair loss is occurring. The injection of the
Platelet-rich plasma is said to trigger natural hair growth and then maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle, resulting in increased thickness and possible volume at the hair shaft.

PRP is autologous (using your own blood) therefore eliminating allergy potential. PRP has been shown to have tissue regenerating effects.

Other benefits include: minimal downtime, safe with minimal risk, short recovery time, and no general anesthesia is required.

RF Skin Tightening

This is a non-invasive treatment that uses energy waves to penetrate and heat the deep layers of the skin known as the dermis. The heat stimulates a protein in your skin called collagen. The collagen that is present will reactivate and start to tighten the skin and new collagen will also be formed. Gradually you will see the skin starting to look younger and tighter.

Laser Lipo

Non invasive laser lipo uses cold, low-level laser technology that stimulates the cells causing an increase in cellular metabolism, oxygen rich nutrients circulating the body, collagen production and cellulite reduction. Its been used in medicine for over 40 years to treat skin conditions, muscle issues, pain, inflammation and wound healing. As the laser is applied over treated areas, it disrupts the membranes of fat cells and causes them to break down and the fat is excreted by your lymph system.

Mesotherapy/Lipodissolve/Liquid Lipo

Mesotherapy/Lipodissolve/Liquid Lipo is a simple series of injections that help break down unwanted small localized areas of fat. While reducing the storage of fat, it also Increases your metabolism and gives you increased energy. The injectable used contains phosphatidyl Choline (PPC) which is naturally found in the body. Studies have shown that PPC may improve memory.

Lipo Cavitation

This is a non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves beneath the skin to open the fat cells causing them to liquify and then excreted through the lymph system by sweat and urine. You’re strongly encouraged to drink plenty of water or purchase a detox IV drip to help with flushing of the fat cells out the body. During the procedure, you will hear the sound waves in your ear.

Vibration Therapy

As little as 10 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood
flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. It is also used to increase bone density, relieve back pain and stimulate the lymph system to excrete
fat that was released during your laser lipo and lipo cavitation sessions.

Sauna Detox Wrap

Detoxifying body wraps work by stimulating your circulation, drawing out impurities, and relaxing the
body. They also have lasting effects of weight loss in
inches and eliminating cellulite. A body wrap is done by wrapping the entire body in infrared light. This heat stimulates the heat energy already inside the body. This motivates the body to begin to sweat. In doing so, toxins and fats are not only expelled through the skin but also into the bloodstream. The body then processes these free radicals to be removed.

Swedish Massage $129

Massage is a gentle kneading of the body that can help boost your mood, promote sleep, and decrease stress while increasing relaxation. It also helps to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, energy, and alertness while boosting your immune function.

Post Op Treatments

  • Seroma Drainage

    A seroma is a collection of fluid under the skin after surgery in pocket spaces made by tissue removal. These spaces will eventually be filled by connective tissue. The body often re-absorbs it but that can take months. Excessive fluid can be painful or cause separation at the suture site.

  • Drain Removal/Staple Removal

    Removal of drains post op and staples from incision site.

  • Manual Lymphatic Therapy

    Excess lymph fluid that is assisted back to the lymph nodes to relieve pain in the surgical area.

  • Post-Surgery Transportation

    Licensed Registered Nurse to accompany you for 1 on 1 care post surgery. Will provide transportation to and from surgery.

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Coming Soon:
Post-Op Lymphatic Massage

Accelerate your recovery post-surgery with this specialized massage technique. This gentle, targeted massage treatment helps by promoting a reduction in swelling, and the removal of toxins from your body, leading to faster healing.

Your doctor will recommend lymphatic drainage massage as a way to reduce the risk of swelling and inflammation becoming fibrosis, a permanent hardening of the affected area.

Give your body the best chance of successful recovery with a post-operative lymphatic massage treatment series at Hibiscus Oasis!

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